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LISA was formed by a group of Sussex anglers who were all thinking along similar lines about local issues.

LISA was formed by a group of Sussex anglers who were all thinking along similar lines about local issues. The idea was under discussion on the World Sea Fishing forum when local angler, Craig Gosling put out a call on the forum to clean the beach at Cuckmere Haven which had been heavily littered by the winter storms. With the help of a number of local agencies and the Angling Trust about 20 guys and girls answered his call and cleared up a big section of the beach.

The philosophy of local anglers reacting to local issues was a key part of the LISA discussion. Within weeks many of the same people met in local pubs along the south coast from Eastbourne to Bognor and LISA was born.

From those meetings it was established that there were key areas of concern. There is no national organisation that exclusively represents sea anglers, the poor condition of our beaches, the taking of undersized fish, a general lack of education about regulation and good practice, very little communication from local and national bodies who were making decisions that directly affected sea anglers without consultation.

Opinions on how to tackle these issues varied, sometimes, considerably but how could so many individuals with differing opinions work successfully together? A common goal was needed, a core idea that everybody would subscribe to and the RNLI is dear to the hearts of all that use the sea; it was decided that raising money to support them would become that core. It was also agreed that LISA would also support other sea angling related charities and causes.

Members discussed how the organisation would react to, and comment on, the 'politics' of national issues where opinions were often divided. It was decided that LISA would be politically neutral, there would be no 'party' line. LISA would offer no opinion as an organisation but crucially, members needed to be able to.

It was decided that members would be informed of local and national issues with, where possible, contact details. This would enable members to make their own decisions and comments to the appropriate body or authority. The LISA Alert system was initiated and members who subscribe receive email alerts on all local and national Issues.

With those two key elements resolved the LISA constitution was written and LISA was born.

No national organisation that exclusively represents sea anglers.

The poor condition of our beaches.

The taking of undersized fish.

A general lack of education.

LISA would be politically neutral.

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