Small Boat Code of Conduct

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  • Always wear a life jacket or suitable flotation suit with a whistle and emergency light.
  • Always carry a fire extinguisher and 2 buckets . (fire or bailing )
  • Always carry a spare engine that works (check before leaving ?)
  • If fitting spare motor rope motor and yourself to the boat or crew member .
  • Always carry 2 anchors + warp and flares.
  • Always have a sharp knife to hand to cut away any snagged gear
  • Check weather & tide before leaving.
  • Let somebody know where you are going and your estimated time of return.
  • Always have echo sounder , gps and working comms device.
  • Watch for bouys & junk.
  • Always maintain 3 points of contact when moving about
  • Only smoke if it is safe and ensure you lid all fuel containers
  • BBQs are not a good idea !
  • Going for a swim is not a good idea
  • If giving instructions make them clear & check they are understood
  • Only ever secure anchor from bow .
  • Always have more fuel to get back than you used going out.
  • If you are wondering if it is safe , it probably isn’t, GO BACK !
  • Always pass traffic to the rhs
  • Give way –don’t race.
  • Keep tackle and your fishing equipment tidy.
  • Clean all spillages from the deck immediately.