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LISA undertakes many activities, we care about our environment

LISA undertakes many activities, we care about our environment and the future of our angling passion.

We have recently launched the first fishing line recycling project in the UK and are currently working on a Bass survey to track the movement of the species and to chart the success of year classes.

Another major concern is the taking of undersized fish either wilfully, or through ignorance and education is they key.

We have met with and worked with local dog owners to highlight and educate about the dangers angling gear represents to their pets.

We are currently working with local anglers and the Shoreham Port authority to preserve night fishing on the Shoreham Arms.

LISA ID is a scheme in development. It involves members marking their gear with their LISA membership number which can then be forwarded to the police in the event of it being stolen.

Our fishing meets are friendly competitions where the heaviest fish or most species caught takes the honours and prizes on the night. We choose this format because it ensures that relatively inexperienced anglers have an equal chance of glory. We also clean the beach we are on and hold an annual beach clean at the mouth of the River Cuckmere.

All of our activities are member led and result from suggestions brought forward. If you have a bright idea sign up and let us know.

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