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Tags: Fish Care, Education
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The taking of undersized fish is a major concern for many anglers.
The taking of undersized fish is a major concern for many anglers and so a LISA project initiated to create business card style hand outs with some of the more commonly caught species featured and their minimum landing sizes. Education was the key word in the discussions.

Our very grateful thanks to Dave and the Tackle Box at Brighton Marina for supporting this so strongly at the beginning and on the biggest venue in Sussex, the cards were distributed via the shop and by the wardens on the wall with the first print run of 300 being distributed in a fortnight.

To date the initiative has been well received with over 1000 cards in circulation through south coast tackle shops:

  • Tackle Box
  • Prime Angling
  • Lagoon Bait and Tackle
  • Tools n Tackle
  • Seaford Sea Angler

Also take a look at our retention sizes information on this website by clicking here.

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