Tronixpro Blue Headlamp - First Look

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Published: 18/09/17

Carl Clarke

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The Tronixpro blue headlamp is one of the outcomes of the Blue Light Initiative at Shoreham Port (you can click this link to read all about it). In short, anglers must now use suitable 'approved' blue lights in Shoreham Port to help with visibility for vessels approaching, departing and navigating around the port.

I had heard that the new Tronixpro lights were available and curiosity got the better of me when I popped into Prime Angling and so I bought one for £14.99.

First thoughts

I was expecting a Tiara-style (think Wonder Woman) headlamp with a tiny switch but this headlamp is rugged looking. It is a serious headlamp with a battery pack at the back plus separate lamp unit up front and nice soft to touch elastic adjustable headbands.

It has a soft-plastic covered battery pack that incorpoates a nice clicky switch; by making the battery cover from this soft-plastic the designers have come up with a good solution to the broken or cracked battery door.

Tech specs

  • 90 Lumens
  • 4 x AA Battery (yes a set is included in the box)
  • Three modes: Normal/Dim/Flash


The whole point of this product is to produce a low intensity blue light that is helpful to our seafaring friends and also useable for anglers. I thought I would try a non-scientific test, eyeballs and an iPhone camera. For comparison I switched on my two angling lamps - a Nitecore HC50 headlamp (300 lumens in normal mode) and a small long throw Nitecore EC21 torch (460 lumens in turbo mode, 200m beam distance).

So pretending to be a boat in the garden at night at a distance of about 20 metres this is how they compare.

The blue light is significantly outgunned by the two Nitecore lamps - in this case it is a good result because that is what was intended.

Of course to be useful to the angler the headlamp needs to be able to create a good spread of enough light to facilitate tackle and bait changes as well as being able to carefully land and unhook any catches. Here is how the light spreads.

Nitecore HC50 headlamp

Nitecore EC21 torch

Tronixpro blue headlamp

My family wanted Chinese takeaway so I took the lamps to a dark pavement nearby.





I think the Tronixpro headlamp gives enough light in a useful spread to deal with the needs of the angler at a location like Shoreham Port. The headlamp seems rugged enough and especially at a price of £14.99 it seems to represent a good solution and good value for money. My understanding is that the recommended retail price is £19.99 and that Prime Angling, Lagoon Bait & Tackle and West Breakwater Fishing are selling them at a subsidised price of £14.99 to support local angling.

Some anglers may want a brighter lamp and/or a white light but that is the compromise that has to be made to allow anglers and other Shoreham Port users to coexist. If I am at Shoreham I will probably leave my headlamp on the dim setting except maybe when needing to thread or bait a hook.

Yes it is not scientific; so maybe I will test again using fixed exposure on a 'proper' camera, automatic iPhone-like cameras often try to turn every shot into something brighter and colour balanced, in tricky conditions they often fail. I feel like the iPhone has over emphasised the blueness giving it a purpleness that my eyes did not see. However it is obvious that the Tronixpro is dimmer than my already fairly low powered headlamp and it will be significantly dimmer than the super-headlamps with outputs of 1000 plus lumens that can turn night into day and have become popular for some strange reason.

Known Stockists

Prime Angling - Worthing
Website: http://www.primeangling.co.uk/
Address: 74 Brighton Road, Worthing, West Sussex. BN11 2EN
Telephone: 01903 821594.

Lagoon Bait & Tackle - Hove
Website: http://www.lagoonbaithove.co.uk/
Address: 327 Kingsway, Hove, East Sussex. BN3 4LD
Telephone: 01273 415879

West Breakwater Fishing - Shoreham West Arm (The steel hut on the west arm)
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/westbreakwaterfishing/