Fishing Line Recycling Initiative

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Name: Fishing Line Recycling Initiative Created: 30/11/16 10:46:pm

MCB Seafoods Newhaven and LISA, Local Independent Sea Anglers are pleased to announce a joint fishing line recycling initiative in Sussex.

It is estimated that there are over 4 million anglers in the UK and if they all only change 100m of line per year that is a staggering amount of nylon line. Currently most anglers dispose of their line in an appropriate manner but this is, we believe, the first scheme in the UK which offers a clear destination and an identifiable end product for recycled fishing line and clearly far better than going to landfill.

Phase 1

Used fishing line recycling stations are to be sited at Tackle shops across Sussex, clearly identified by a window sticker. We believe that most of the retailers taking part will offer a discount on new line purchases when used line is recycled. Participating retailers are listed below although the scheme will be extended to any Tackle shops who wish to participate

Phase 2

Line recycling bins will also be placed at common fishing marks along the coast subject to council and structure management’s approval. All collections will be undertaken by LISA member volunteers.

The scheme will be officially launched at Tools n Tackle Bridge Street Newhaven on a date to be advised but window stickers will appear in shops over the next few days.

This is a very positive add on to MCB’s innovative Ghostnet scheme which recently received national T V coverage. Grateful thanks to Harry for meeting me and agreeing to be participate


This is a major initiative in the UK and is open to all anglers. It has to be the most sensible way for the future. Please support the retailers involved and the scheme.

Participating Retailers:

  • Prime Angling Worthing
  • Lagoon Tackle Hove
  • The Tackle Box Brighton Marina
  • Tools n Tackle Newhaven
  • Seaford Sea Angler Seaford
  • Angling Specialist Horsham